Our team

The IB-FT Team is a dynamic and versatile group engaged in a wide range of activities. While our roots lie in development and manufacturing of laboratory instruments, we have recently ventured into exciting new fields. As a company, we've experienced remarkable growth, underpinned by our dedication, engineering expertise, precision, and an unyielding quest for innovative ideas.

Characterizing our team isn't straightforward, but we pride ourselves on being a diverse blend of experts, self-proclaimed "nerds," dedicated scientists, and various other intriguing individuals.


Development and manufacturing

IB-FT was founded in 2004, developing and manufacturing different testing equipment for mainly automotive customers.

In 2007 we started cooperation with our Belgian partners from Benelux Scientific and later POROMETER to develop the Porometer product line. In 2018 we decided to take it a step further and we joined the Aptco Group – see below.

In 2019 we developed the LUXOR coater product line, a compact and fully automatic metal sputter coater for the electron microscopy market.

Another recent development is the MEMCAST, an automatic film coater for the synthesis of flat sheet polymeric membranes with different thicknesses. New ideas to come!

Distribution and customer support

We are authorized distributor in northern Germany for the Thermo Scientific Phenom desktop SEM range.

In close cooperation with our Aptco Group colleagues at Schaefer-Tec, who are responsible for distribution in southern Germany, we advise our customers in their search for the SEM solutions that suit their applications. More information about Phenom SEM and related product can be found on our electron-microscopes.com website.

We are also appointed as local service hub for the Thermo Scientific Phenom SEM. As a result, IB-FT now supports about 300 Phenom SEM installations in Germany and Austria.

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About Aptco Group

Since 2018, IB-FT is part of the Aptco Group. The Aptco Group is an international technology group dedicated to the distribution, production, servicing and calibration of scientific instruments and measuring equipment for industrial, medical and academic laboratories and production environments.

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