IB-FT manufactures the POROLUX™ and POROLIQ™ universal porometers. This porometer range covers all common capillary flow techniques – including gas liquid and liquid liquid porometers – and measurement methods (pressure scan and pressure step stability), offering the best porometer solutions for any given application and reproducible measurements of all pore sizes and distributions from 2 nm up to 500 μm.


Another product line manufactured by IB-FT are the LUXOR metal sputter coaters, a sample preparation technique widely used in SEM and TEM laboratories. LUXOR metal coaters have a number of unique features that set them apart from other coaters in the market:

Unique A² technology
A² Technology ensures the most accurate, thin and uniform sample coating for improved SEM analysis, both for standard SEM work with gold coatings and for high-resolution (FEG) SEM work with platinum coatings

Upside down design
The revolutionary upside-down design safeguards your SEM while also protecting samples and operators

Completely automated
Load your samples, select the coating thickness, and push the start button. As simple as that.


The MEMCAST™ automatic film coater is well-suited for producing flat-sheet polymeric membranes of various thicknesses.
This is done by applying a thin layer of a polymer solution and subsequently immersing the films in a coagulation bath, leading to the formation of the final membrane via wet phase inversion.
Reproducible film layers can be prepared, either self-standing (e.g. coating directly onto glass, stainless steel, etc.) or on various substrates (e.g. nonwoven, polymeric supports, etc.).
The design of the MEMCAST™ minimizes movement during film application in order to obtain smooth and consistent films. It is robust, durable, easy to clean and very user-friendly.

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