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LUXOR coater
Electron microscopy
The LUXOR™ coater is a state of the art - though straight away small sputter coater. Easy operation and reproducibility were the guidelines in development of this unit.
We manufacture the POROLUX ™ and POROLIQ ™ universal Porometers. Reproducible measurements of all pore sizes and distributions down to 2 nm, combined with extraordinary analysis functionalities.


Our labs are well-equipped with all our instruments. We offer contract testing on all Porometer variants. For any porometry testing requests please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our company was founded in 2004, starting developing and manufacturing different testing equipment for mainly automotive customers. 2007 we started cooperation with our Belgian partners from Benelux Scientific and later on Porometer N.V. to develop the Porometer instruments. 2018 we decided to do a further step: We joined the APTCO Technology group, also the parent company of Porometer.
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We are autorized distributor for Thermo Scientific Phenom and Axia ChemiSEM microscopes. Please see our dedicated website Any service and repair on Thermo Phenom Desktop SEM systems can be performed in our fully equipped repair lab in Berlin. Please contact us!
For sales and service requests please call 08000PHENOM or 08000 743 666 (Freecall from all German phones)