SEM repair lab

The IB-FT service department also operates as service hub in Germany for Thermo Scientific Phenom desktop electron microscopes.

As part of the European Service Lab operation, we provide technical services such as instrument repairs, technical inspection, (online) checks and preventive maintenance.

We also install your new Phenom desktop SEM or move your old instrument to a new location. And we follow that up with basic and advanced operator training. In the end, we guarantee a perfectly functioning instrument, trained operators and all associated paperwork and certifications.

Porometry test lab

For internal quality control and product development, IB-FT has a fully equipped testing laboratory.

This laboratory is also available, in cooperation with our partner Porometer, for customers who want to outsource porometer analyses, when the number of tests they need to process within a limited period of time is too high, or when they want to double-check their own measurements.

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